Fire Safety Block Management

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Keeping abreast of these tasks along with the ever-changing landscape of fire safety legislation can be a very daunting and time consuming task for responsible persons. This is where we can assist by taking the responsibility for fire safety management away from you and ensuring your business, properties and building occupants are safe from fire. Whether it be several residential blocks, i.e. block management, or several commercial buildings, we can fully audit the premises, produce a fire risk assessment, and then regularly update you when fire safety installation testing, or staff training for example, is due. It really is an all-encompassing one stop fire safety solution for your property.

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One of the primary components of fire safety block management services is the implementation of fire prevention strategies. This involves conducting thorough risk assessments to identify potential fire hazards, such as means of escape, faulty electrical wiring, inappropriate storage of combustible materials, or inadequate fire suppression systems. By addressing these risks proactively, our fire risk assessors can significantly reduce the likelihood of fires occurring in your building or workplace.


In addition to prevention, effective fire safety management also requires robust detection systems. This includes the installation of smoke detectors, heat sensors, and fire alarms throughout the building. These systems are designed to alert occupants to the presence of a fire, allowing them to evacuate quickly and safely to a place of ultimate safety. Regular testing and maintenance of these devices are essential to ensure they always remain in good working condition and perform as expected if necessary.

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Fire safety building management or asset management services encompass emergency preparedness and response planning. This involves developing comprehensive evacuation procedures, conducting regular fire drills, and training staff members on how to respond in the event of a fire. Responsible persons must also establish clear communication channels with local fire authorities to provide pertinent fire safety if the buildings are of certain height, under new fire safety legislation. This and many new legislative changes have come into effect after the Grenfell fire enquiry and are now law. Ignorance of these laws is no excuse and can lead to prosecution of the responsible person if the fire safety requirements are not fully adhered to.

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Beyond these proactive measures, fire safety building management services also include post-incident analysis and recovery efforts. Following a fire, responsible persons must assess the damage, implement necessary repairs, and update safety protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.


Overall, fire safety asset management services are essential for ensuring the well-being of building occupants and minimising the potential impact of fires. By implementing comprehensive prevention, detection, and response strategies, our expert London fire safety team can create safer environments for everyone who lives or works within these premises.

Frequently asked questions

Is professional asset management a legal requirement in the UK?

Asset management is not a legal requirement in the UK, however responsible persons have a legal obligation to ensure fire safety standards are always being adhered to.

Who is responsible for fire safety within a building?

The responsible person is responsible for fire safety within a building or commercial premises.

My building is over 18m in height, are there extra things I need to do for fire safety?

Yes, If your building is over 18m in height there are extra fire safety precautions that need to be put in place. Contact us for further details.

Is there a minimum number of buildings that you can take care of?

There is no minimum number of properties that we can look after for you.

How much does block management cost?

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote for your building or estate.

Will you let me know when fire safety testing or staff training is due?

Yes, we will inform you whenever you need to take any action to ensure your ongoing compliance.

Can you take responsibility for fire safety for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we can set up contracts for both residential and commercial properties.

I have assets all over London and surrounding counties, can you cover all of them?

Our dedicated asset management team will cover all assets in and around London.

Will you ensure I am kept up to date with changing fire safety laws?

Our expert London fire risk assessors keep up to date on fire safety law to ensure that your building is always in compliance with current fire safety requirements.

Can someone else take over the role as responsible person for my building?

We can take on the role of responsible person for you and take full responsibility for fire safety within your premises.