Fire Risk Assessments in London

If you’re responsible for a building, it’s important to do all you can to reduce the risk of fire to keep people safe.

It saves lives, it’s your legal duty, and it makes good business sense.


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A FRA is a careful look at your premises and the people who use them, from a fire prevention perspective. It’s about understanding the potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.


Why do it?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. If you are responsible for a building, for example a employer, owner or occupier of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a private home), you need to make sure a suitably competent person completes a Fire Risk Assessment. It is your duty to identify fire risks and hazards in your premises and take appropriate action.


In addition, if five or more people work at your premises or your business has a licence under enactment in force, you’ll need your fire risk assessment to be a written record. Make sure you review your risk assessment regularly and whenever significant changes have been made that would have an impact on it. It’s good business sense as well as a legal requirement, often businesses don’t recover after a fire, and effective fire prevention starts with properly understanding the risks.


Did you know?

If there’s a fire and you haven’t met your legal duties to keep people safe, you could be fined and may even spend time in prison.


Who should carry out the FRA?

Whilst you can carry out the risk assessment yourself, it is recommended to get a professional with a good understanding of fire regulations and an eye for things that you might otherwise miss.


Don’t take the risk of falling faul of fire safety law and potentially getting an enforcement notice issued by the fire brigade. Let us help you take care of any issues you may have to ensure you are fully compliant with fire safety regulations and you and your building occupants are safe.


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