How much should I pay for a fire risk assessment?

The importance of a well constructed, bespoke and thorough fire risk assessment can not be stressed enough.


It is all too easy to shop around and go for the cheapest fire risk assessment on Google and think that this will satisfy your legal requirements. This is the biggest misconception that business make in regards to FRA’s.


There have been many instances where we have been called to carry out a second fire risk assessment, due the original one being rejected by the fire brigade. The company or business owner has therefore had to pay twice for the same service. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.


The fire brigade are the enforcement authority and will inspect your FRA and decide whether it is ‘suitable and sufficient’ in relation to fire safety regulations and the risks present within the building. If it is deemed to be insufficient, you will be given a set period of time to rectify the situation and obtain a suitable FRA and submit it for inspection. Failure to comply with this request from the fire brigade will result in action being taken against you.


Prices for London fire risk assessments vary depending on the size of the property and the risks contained within it. But don’t let price be the determining factor in choosing which company or individual to use. Ensure the company has suitable qualifications, accreditations and experience to carry out the job. Enquire for example, what happens if the FRA is rejected?


Our London fire risk assessors all have a minimum of 25 years experience working within the London Fire Brigade as fire safety inspecting officers. So who better to trust than the people who used to audit premises and inspect FRA’s?


Give our London fire consultants a call today to get a quote for a cheap fire risk assessment that is rich in value.