The importance of correct fire extinguisher selection

Having the correct number of fire extinguishers in your business premises is very important.


Your fire safety plan should not overlook fire extinguishing media and they should be taken into account when producing your fire risk assessment.


The abrupt increase in carbon dioxide emissions while using a CO2 fire extinguisher in a small area poses a risk to the user’s safety. This happens because CO2 is an asphyxiant and oxygen will be replaced by CO2 considerably more quickly in a confined environment.


In the same way, caution must be used when employing powder extinguishers. The user’s respiration and visibility may be affected by the powder’s release, which could endanger their ability to flee. When this kind of extinguisher is used in a small area, there is a significant chance that the powder may be ingested or that it would obscure vision.


Ensure your staff have sufficient fire safety training. See LFA’s online fire safety training courses at our website.