The importance of smoke and fire detection in your premises

Having a smoke detection system in your premises is a key element of your fire escape plan, as smoke can quickly spread throughout a property during a blaze. It is also often a legal requirement for your business.


A working and regularly tested smoke alarm can provide you with an early alert, giving you enough time to get out of the building or premises and remain safe.


London Fire Associates along with any reputable fire safety or London fire risk assessment company, can’t stress enough the significance of having a functioning linked smoke detection system or fire alarm. Astonishingly, did you know you are nine times more likely to die from a fire if you do not have a working smoke alarm?


You should install a smoke alarm not just in the hallway or stairwell, but in any room in the house or commercial building where a fire may begin – for example, electrical intake rooms, remote inner rooms or places with ignition sources. If you want advice, contact a fire risk assessment company or fire risk assessor who will be happy to assist you.


Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, granting you an opportunity to identify the sound they make and ensure that they are still working. Fire safety is paramount in maintaining a safe work place for yourselves, your staff and your customers. Ensure you consult a reputable and accredited London fire risk assessment company. Our specialist London fire risk assessors are all ex London Fire Brigade officers, so are more than willing to help when it comes to fire safety at your place of work or home.


If you are responsible in any way for fire detection systems within domestic premises ranging from high rise residential flats, HMO’s, sheltered housing or supported housing, ensure you are familiar with BS 5839-6.