The responsibility of the ‘responsible person’

The Fire Safety Order (FSO) came into force on 1 October, 2006. It delivered a step-change in how fire safety legislation is applied in virtually all premises in England and Wales. No longer would the fire safety arrangements be decided by the Fire Service; the responsibility was moved to the ‘responsible person’.

The ‘responsible person’ as defined in Article 3 of the FSO is also enshrined in health and safety legislation following the Roben’s Report of 1972, which led to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSAW). The HSAW clearly states that the primary responsibility for controlling hazard and risk lies with those who create the hazards and can therefore reduce risk.

It is therefore the responsibility of the responsible person to carry out a fire safety risk assessment of the premises and ensure good fire safety practices are adhered to. Staff fire safety training, such as fire marshal training or fire warden training are vital to ensure the safety of the premises’ occupants.

In the case of health and safety under the HSAW, the responsibility for creating a safe environment rests with the person responsible for the premises or activity being undertaken.

The same also applies under the FSO; it places legal obligation on the ‘responsible person’ to provide premises where their employees and any other relevant person is safe from fire and the effects of fire.

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