What is a fire strategy report?

A fire strategy report is a type of complex document that’s tailored to one specific building in relation to its integral fire safety.


This strategy document is used to assess every aspect of a building’s fire safety. It analyses key elements to find out how protected the premises are against fire and smoke damage. These include the way it is constructed (for example, how flammable the materials used in its structure and decoration are), its compartmentation strategy, and the premises’ means of escape (this means how and where people would be able to safely evacuate in the event of a fire).


In essence, a fire strategy is used to determine how safe a building currently is against fires starting and spreading through it, as well as the features/measures put in place to protect occupants’ safety and lives.


A fire safety strategy document is also often used for new-builds, with home designers, architects and civil engineers using them to assist their designs and construction.